You want to generate more Leads and Sales...

... but in order to do that, you need to provide a solution to a problem people are struggling with.  

You need to be visible so people can find you when they are ready to buy the solution.  

People do not go to social media to find solutions and answers.  They go to Google.

A blog will allow you to provide solutions to people's struggles and answers to their questions through the valuable information you provide.  

A blog will direct them to take a specific action, i.e. purchase your products!

A blog allows you to be on Google when people are searching for a solution.

This course will take you by the hand and walk with you step-by-step  through the process of Creating a Blog from scratch thereby allowing you to showcase Your VALUE which will in turn Increase Your Authority in the marketplace!

Right now, your business is struggling.

  • You've invested a ton of time in marketing and prospecting your business.

  • You're not anywhere near the level you thought you would be by now.

  • You feel your strategies are not working towards attracting likely customers and prospects or positioning your brand as an expert in your industry.

You find yourself thinking...

  • "Am I really cut out for this?"

  • "Is this just a waste of time and effort?"

  • "Will I ever get ahead?"

  • "Do I even have what it takes to grow my audience and my business or should I just quit altogether?"


Growing a business and building an audience takes a lot of WORK, leaves you EXHAUSTED, FRUSTRATED, and ready to QUIT.


There is an EASIER way to build your audience and generate more LEADS, SALES, and grow your AUTHORITY status...


We've developed a complete course that allows you to do WAY LESS with MORE IMPACT leaving you more time to follow up with your new leads, sales, and prospects.



Listen, we know you've heard time and again Blogging is DEAD. Well, guess what. IT'S NOT. It's a thriving strategy. Here's why.

Ray Higdon said it best,

"Blogging is the best strategy long-term for marketing."

Ray Higdon said it best,

There is a plethora of marketing strategies available to promote your business. From social media to video, email, visuals, and webinars, the options are endless to increasing your online presence.


Yet, blogging plays a chief role in your overall online marketing. Everything starts and comes back to your blog. It's at the heart of the inbound way, cementing your authority and credibility in your space. Your business blog helps you build the know, like and trust factor with your audience. When people trust you, they're more likely to do business with you.


Your blog also fosters favorable results that can be produced time and time again. Your lead generation, sales, and repeat business can be attributed to your blogging strategy. It's simply the best way to build your brand in an ever-evolving digital era.

Blogging isn't just "another thing" to focus on. It's the BEST thing to focus on.

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How We Created an Unstoppable Business

Mark and I were utilizing all the other marketing strategies out there to market our business: social media, forums, talking to anyone and everyone, begging friends and family, home parties, hotel meetings... the list goes on and on.  You name it; we did it.  However, we were not as successful as we knew could be.  We finally relented and gave blogging a try.

We created a blog and started driving traffic to our content on autopilot.  But we knew our content wasn't good enough to stand out in the marketplace.  So we learned everything there is to learn about Content Marketing.  Michelle became certified as a Content Marketing Specialist.

With little tweaks here and there to create remarkable and creative content, our leads and sales generation skyrocketed!

People were intrigued with our results and wanted to know what we were doing.

We knew we had to get this valuab